This Day

I walk pretty regularly in three seasons.  Clark Reservation State Park in the town of Jamesville has become one of my favorite places.  I started hiking there with some regularity last year, this spring and summer I have hiked there at least two days a week, sometimes three.  I know just about all of the trails by heart, and even my dog has reached a point where he knows them, frequently heading off down one before I even get there, making his wishes known.  It is great hiking there because the trails are varied, many steep areas including a very strenuous 170 something step stair, a long 45 degree hill, and on very steep but short hill called Pulpit Rock about a 88 degree climb.  Tonight there were lots of bullfrogs croaking in the crystal lake, and I saw lots of fish eddies in the water and some turtle bubbles too.  It was beautiful there tonight.

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