The Heat is ON

It is too hot to do much of anything, my daughter takes puzzles out back and I take my book.  We are sitting on the back porch in the cool evening air.  Chilling.  The cat and the dog sprawled on the cool flagstone.  I hear a loud buzzing and the cat is off like a shot.  She has a cicada and it is buzzing hard, so she drops it.  The dog is barking frantically.  I am reminded of the cat bringing the dog a chipmunk to play with a few weeks ago when all hell broke lose, destroying a planter. I try to save the cicada by picking it up and putting it on the mottled bark of the giant sycamore.  It buzzes furiously in my hand.  My mind flashes to one the that was holding onto my index finger last summer.  It is the first I am sure of the season, even in this immense heat there has been no loud buzzing in the day time.  Except of the constant sound of the neighbor’s central air.  I cannot save it because it immediately drops onto the ground where the cat is waiting.  After a few minutes it flies around the veranda.  It is safe, I hope.

My new book is by Lama Surya Das.  It is called Awakening to the Sacred. It is too hot to do much but read, the painting on hold, even sewing my little animals much to hot to sit in an upstairs room with bright lights shining on the work. I am working on this of course, the awakening.  It has been pretty dark here for some long long time.  It is actually a very good book so far.  Very insightful.  Great quotes.  More later I suppose I am just too hot to continue.


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