Hiking New York State Parks – Fillmore Glen

My sister and I love to hike and truth be told so does my dog.  He absolutely loves a good long walk in the woods.  Last night in the steaming heat, I asked my dog if he wanted to go to the park and he whined off and on all night, coming to me repeatedly once the birds were singing, and following me around until I headed out the door with his water bottle and a few for me.  We haven’t been to Fillmore Glen in many years, we decided about ten, and ten years ago we went with our Mom and my daughter and step niece.  We hiked up the North Rim Trail which was grueling in the heat, we decided not to take pictures of each other at this point on because we were both drenched in sweat.  The dog, who normally won’t drink until the hike is done, stopped to drink several times.  On the way back down the glen a really pretty place in the stream drew us in, and although we probably could get in trouble for it we went down into the gorge.  The dog was so hot, that even though he is not much of a water dog, he immediately headed into the cool minnow filled waters.  I splashed my face and hair to cool off and also we both wet our tank tops in the stream putting it back on over our sports bras.  Today was a day to be thankful for Brandi Chastain for removing her soccer jersey and showing her sports bra to the world.  It was that hot kind of day today.  I think in this heat the cool off in the stream was essential, I know the dog felt a ton better, as did both of us.   So even though we probably would get into trouble for it, I would repeat it.  It was too hot not to.

Anyway here are pics of the glen.

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