Two Accidents in Two Weeks

Last weekend I burned my arm pretty badly, rested it for just a second on the grill and then the smell of bacon and a sizzling sound and ouch.  It was nearly a third degree burn, I think icing it for three hours and some nice fresh aloe juice saved it.  It had tiny bubbles like tar bubbles on a hot day.  It was mostly red but a couple places were brown in color.

So today at Clark Reservation I tried out this trail that isn’t on the map.  It is clearly a trail, two pillars stand on either side of a well worn path.  It isn’t cleared and several trees have fallen across it. And not thinking about the hard very heavy rain we had last night I stepped right on a log and slid right off it again, have a couple really good contusions on my leg and the contusion runs from wrist to burn and the burn runs wrist to elbow.  I look pretty banged up.  I also hit my head on another tree and slammed my right wrist pretty good.

Oddly enough it felt good.  I know that sounds really strange and no I am not some kind of masochist.  After some chemical reaction must have taken place in my body cause I felt amazing.

Later on I heard a loud laughing bird call, and I thought it reminded me of a woodpecker but our little downy woodpeckers laugh differently.  We walked on a bit more and suddenly I saw two very big birds, both males fighting and chasing each other, TWO pileated woodpeckers.  The dog didn’t even bark he just stopped dead on the trail and stared at them.  We were both impressed! I of course had to text J. who was just as thrilled as I was.  I love that about him, how jazzed he gets about the same things.  Cool very cool.

Last week I promised I would weed the yard at the Zen Center so the dog and I went and I weeded for about an hour.  Clearing away the yellow clover and some stick tights from area around the house, and a burdock from in front of the Buddha.  As I was composting Jikyo came out and we chatted for a bit.  It is nice  belonging to the Sangha, it is good to have people that are genuinely happy to see you, and greet you and ask about you.


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