Wishes Wishes Wishes

I just applied for a job within easy walking distance of my home.  I have been driving about nine miles to get to work for the past several years.  It is really not a long drive, but on snowy days it can seem really long, and when there is construction which in my city is more or less constant from the time the snow stops up until it starts again and the truth is I have moderate road rage.  I have always wanted to work in this school because it is a really nice building, the art room is gorgeous and it is right in my neighborhood.  I like the idea of working and living in the same place.  Plus it is no secret that I really love the idea of reducing my own carbon footprint.  I figured out I would save at current rates about 100 dollars a month in gas which over the course of a year is a lot.  True I would have to invest in perhaps a second umbrella, a pair of rain boots, and really good traction winter boots, but jeez is that it?  Compared to 18 miles of driving a day for 185 days, plus about a mile and a half of mandatory walking every single day, which I would do because it literally takes less than ten minutes to walk there.  Wow.  I am crossing my fingers that I get hired for this job.


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