Large Orange Beetle – Grapevine Beetle

I was sitting on my front steps in the warm summer air, my friend from high school – R.T. –  and I were talking, him trying to convince me to go to the reunion and otherwise just shooting the breeze.  I heard this loud buzzing and noticed a huge beetle flying, but I was relatively sure it wasn’t a cicada.  I tried to take a picture but it disappeared.  I went inside and after about ten minutes felt a painful stinging on my shoulder and viola there was this beetle.

Grapevine Beetle

It is funny because I pictured him as being as big as a fifty cent piece but when I put the penny down I literally laughed out loud.  The mind is funny sometimes.

So I thought, this looks like a scarab beetle.  I was obsessed with ancient Egypt for many, many years and it in part fueled my minor in anthropology.  Eventually primatology took over my interest at least in college, but the ancient Egypt thing still fascinates me.  This reminded me of the quintessential scarab objects from the artifacts of Egypt.  When I looked for the name of this guy online of course it was in the scarab family.  Beetle Image and Info


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