Yoga Teacher Angst

I wonder sometimes about my yoga teacher.  I think I may need to move on to a new teacher actually.  Sometimes he says things that are completely – not sure how to say it really – like something a teenage boy would say.  I am not sure he is truly enlightened.  More really super intelligent, opinionated, but not always spot on.

For example he doesn’t understand how women might have flesh in certain parts of their bodies that might interfere with doing certain poses.  He also seems completely and I mean completely unaware that belly fat may limit the ability to twist while sitting upright with your knee or knees drawn in close to your belly.  He also doesn’t really do any poses which stretch the side body.

There is this statement he oft repeats in yoga that the pose you dislike the most is the one you need to do the most.  But I don’t think that is universally true.  I don’t like doing partner poses.  I worry about body odor, strangers touching me particularly men, and men having their faces that close to my ass or my breasts, men are men after all.  Some poses I don’t like because they are just annoying.  I used to love to do the plough but all the fussing with the blankets which I learned you have to have your head hanging off the edge of a blanket to do it properly, all that fussing folding them just right and placing them just so and the whole damn production is irritating, so now I just do a modified version.

Today he said the most unempathetic thing that when doing the chair pose, if you just relax it is an easy pose?  I know muscle is involved and it is a stain to hold this pose if you do not have strong thigh muscles.  It is not about relaxing it is about building strength in your legs.

I guess these are my questions and my doubts.  To whom do I address them?  When you bring it up to him he scoffs and does not answer.  So.  What next?


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