Perennials and Wholesome Eating or NOT!

Go ahead and ask  me two years ago what I would be eating, it would have been something local, fresh, perhaps organic if the cost was not too prohibitive, maybe something canned, maybe something being produced by a local farm, like goat cheese, or eggs.

Now ask me today.  Pop tarts (okay the ones in the natural food section), a bowl of cereal, a handful of green beans from the back porch, a glass of soymilk.  I am not eating right at all, and it is showing, not in my figure, I have actually lost enough weight that people are remarking, and I have toned up considerably from regular yoga and strenuous walks at my favorite park.

I am jealous of my friend M.  she and her boyfriend have container gardening down to an art.  Lush rich tomatoes, more basil than you can imagine, blueberries.  I am not motivated.  I am lazy really.  Why cook just for one.  Why grow a bunch of veggies just for me to eat, why can four dozen quart jars of tomatoes just for myself.  Do I really love chili and spaghetti that much (the answer is well yes but…)

But then I have my perennials.  My clothesline, my raspberries that my sister and niece had to be pulled off of earlier this month.  Hey save some for me and the dog!  My push mower.  I lament that we cannot have chickens in the city.  I wish I had a goat.  She could easily mow my lawn and give me lots of milk.  I think.  I think I have to get back to this/ I say to my daughter, why am I still struggling with this?  It has been two freaking years already, lets move on.  Mom, she answers you WERE married for ELEVEN years.

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