Delicious Black Bean and Avocado Salad


My first attempt to get back to eating properly.  I made this lovely summer salad using fresh tomatoes, chopped scallions and green pepper, a can of black beans drained and rinsed, and small cubed cheddar cheese from the farmer’s market.   Cilantro and Lime and a touch of salt for flavor.  My daughter’s boyfriend isn’t fond of avocado so I just cut up one into slices and we had that on the side.  I am satisfied with just this but the boyfriend needed tortilla shells to make it more substantial.

After we all went to Clark Reservation State Park.  My toe is quite broken so I wanted to do a small easy walk, but B. convinced me otherwise.  We did a pretty long hike, longer than my toe liked but not as long as B. wanted.  Was pretty strenuous in the heat we all were sweating.

Roshi said if you want to walk the spiritual path you have to immerse yourself in it.  I am still just dipping in a broken toe. Maybe wading a bit.  Not sure I want to take the plunge.  It is hard work.  I want it to be worth it.


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