Reducing energy use

A couple weekends ago while I was mowing my backyard, Angelo stepped out on his back porch and asked if I wanted to borrow his mower.  I heard him ask it because I use a push mower, leg powered.  He of course has a gas mower.  Nope I said, I am good.  I do have a weed whacker that runs on a gas oil mixture, but I only use about a gallon of gas every two to three years.

Although I cannot convince my daughter to use the clothesline for her laundry,  I do use it for almost every load of laundry once it is above freezing outside, depending on the weather in the winter I do put sheets and some other items on the line, and I have air dry hangers too, but I do use the dryer much more.

I just cut the cable in hopes of reducing TV watching time and saving money.  And I have florescent bulbs in most of my light fixtures (dimmer switches still don’t work with florescent, and I have to have my blues buster light bulbs for seasonal affective disorder, that andVitamin D3).  Today I bought a dusting broom so I don’t have to run the vacuum too.  I know the last is a small thing, but well, it is something.

Last thing is I applied for a job within walking distance of my house.  I had the interview today.  Lets see what happens.


2 comments on “Reducing energy use

  1. Luck with the job within walking distance.
    Kicking the tv habit is a real blessing. After a while if you tune in to something, it’s like–“What is this?”
    All the little bits add up.

  2. I didn’t get the job. It is one of those things where you just ask your higher power to do what is best. All I could think about after the interview was leaving all of the ELL’s (refugees from around the world (including Karen people) whom I work with when not teaching art).
    I talked to their teacher today and told her about the job interview and she just cried “oh no!” but then when I told her I didn’t get it she was really happy. I love that part of my job. LOVE those beautiful children.
    As for the TV I literally hadn’t watched anything but the show Lost, BBC, NOVA on PBS, and reruns of Star Trek and rented movies basically for nearly two years. I still have PBS and rented movies (“must – get – sci fi – fix” said in Capt. Kirk voice). Won’t miss the 1000 channels. – Just the BBC. 🙂

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