Use this time for growth and good.

“I recently heard someone say that true hell was being exactly where you did not want to be with no ability to be other where. I think that is true. The choices become stark at that point. You bang your head uselessly and rail against your misfortune. If it can be changed, you do so, no matter what the work involved. But sometimes, for some time, we must accept and turn to ways to use this time for growth and good.

I have linked this quote to the blog of the woman that said it.  I really like it.  The blog not at all what I normally would be interested, but there is something intriguing about her writing that draws me in again and again.

I have been told that a million times, when you stop looking love will appear.  Which is complete BULLSHIT so stop telling people that.  Cause when you stop looking losers appear too, and sometimes NOTHING appears.

And while we are on the subject the whole if you would ONLY love yourself first…is also crap, lots of people don’t love themselves and they have relationships and just because you are critical of yourself it shouldn’t give others permission to be critical of you, and it doesn’t mean you hate yourself.  If for example someone says ugh I am so fat, it doesn’t mean they don’t love themselves it means they don’t think their body is physically attractive to the modern male.  It isn’t an electric chair of self love either, the old I am so fat so it must mean I am a lousy artist a bad person and unlovable.  UM OKAY.  How about NOT.  So also stop saying that IF you only loved yourself someone else … no just don’t say it.

I have so much more to say right now but I am really pissed off.  I do want to rant but then the rant would go into rage.  We cannot have that can we?  Just be a pretty little girl, play Barbie is going to marry Ken in the corner someplace and hush up.  That’s a good girl some day some marvelous husband will love your submissive nature ever so much.  And if he leaves you it will be because you didn’t do enough for him, and because you didn’t love yourself, and because you were not submissive enough.  There there little dear.  Just comb Barbies hair and put on her cute little shoes that match her pretty little dress and you will be happy.  That’s right.

I am thinking this might just be a Brave New World.  Soma for little girls who get all growed up and are still dressing up like Barbie.  Gosh and gee willikers.

If I only loved myself said the fairy princess Barbie, if only I would stop wanting a man, if only I had just a little more sparkle, if only I would paint my nails and put on red lipstick and shave my pubic hair and eat nothing but salad, diet soda and low fat yogurt… every one would live happily ever after.

Except the this fairy princess Barbie isn’t happy in that world.

By Meg Posted in Rants

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