The divorce papers came in the mail yesterday.  It is official.

Ironically signed by the judge 13 years to the day that my ex came into my life.

I am speechless for once in my life.

I haven’t told anyone.

When they came unsigned in the mail, the day before Valentine’s Day.  I told someone who did a really good job making me feel like shit about something else.

This hollow feeling in my gut is like a fist.

I am going to Will’s house.  He has a cigar and a bottle of wine waiting for me.  Maybe I will tell him.

10 comments on “Divorced

  1. One way to view this is—freedom from whatever was not working in that relationship. You’ve had an ‘adventure’–and experience. Maybe you didn’t want it, but you’ve had it and are having it. Use it to your advantage. Learn from it. Discover new things about yourself.

  2. Ps. Got here via one of you ‘names’ at my blog. You can test what’s working too by using your cursor on your name & gravator. If you’re still having problems there’s the WP folks for hellp AND two cool blogs–Cool and Weird and Teck lounge–have links to them on my sidebar. They’re both very helpful.

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