bucket list?

There is something about hugging a man that is different from hugging a woman, a dog or your child.  I wrap my arms around him,  his muscled body.  He puts his fuzzy head against me for a minute.  Then kisses my forehead as I sob on his shoulder.  Of course then he says something that makes me laugh. That’s why he is my favorite cousin.  That is why I have packed an overnight bag and brought the dog with me.  We sit side by side, listening to music he with a beer, me with a glass of wine.  Just talking.

It is all about trust.  No matter what, knowing you are accepted as you are.

We write out a bucket list.  Here is mine:

1.  Sasquatch enough said.
2.  Appalachian Trail
3.  Coast of Maine
4.  Kyoto Japan
5.  Paris France
6.  Hawaii
7.  The BadLands
8.  Find some peace
9. Breathe
10. Return to One.

11. write a sci fi novel
12. live where I cannot hear cars.
13.cry for things that make me happy, and laugh when things make me sad.

Eh or something like that.  Looks better in the smokey haze than it does in the light of day.  As I leave today he hugs me tight.  Thanks bro.  I love you.


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