Filler up.

Filling her up

I recently realized that when you eat something that eases your hunger but lacks nutritional value is not actually food.

Take pizza for example. White dough, fatty cheese, meat parts maybe a veggie or too, fills you up but did you actually take in anything that your body needs to survive?

What about fast food? It fills your belly but is there anything about it at all that is really food? It isn’t food it is filler. Let’s call it what it is….fast filler. What did you have for dinner last night? Pizza Filler.

What did you eat for breakfast? Peanut Butter flavored Capt. Filler and a Raspberry Pop Filler

I realized that the meat I buy in the grocery store isn’t much better. The animals just eat filler too, it provides no nutritional value to the beast. It merely fattens the cow and viola(sic) you have meat filler. What’ll it be ma’am says the meat pusher? I will have a steak filler for the grill please. And i will stop and pick up some french fried potato filler to have with it. Quick Easy and so Delicious. But then later as you look in the mirror and see an empty hollow fat vessel you realize your body is just filler too.

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