Camping in the ADK’s

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It is the first night of camping.  We have just set up our tent and it begins to rain.  Our fledgling fire surely about to go out.  Shortly we are drenched.  Master Rinzai says to not be swayed by the events of nature.  But here we are soaked with nothing much to do but be soaked, and even the dog is miserable.  His tail between his legs and his butt just barely off the ground.  He looks up at me utterly dejected.  What the F___ says Ben.  We are already soaked lets just walk down to the beach in the rain.  Ah Zen Master Ben, how correct you are.  Let us delight in our soaked and sodden selves.

Next day I read him this, and he says with a goofy grin, yep I am a Zen Master.  Let’s go buy fireworks.

I am bitching like crazy.  Morgan has changed her mind a thousand times.  Let’s just climb Black Bear.  It is a tough hill and I don’t want to just go for a walk, I want to go for a hike.  At the top we have to push and pull the dog over the slippery granite.  At one point I cannot go on.  I am whining like a baby.  But Ben reaches out with two hands and pulls me up.  We pass an old man, in his seventies at least, he is all worried about the dog, yes sir I say he has water, his own bottle with a dish attached, yes sir he has had some.  And another man who comments to Ben about the dirty muddy paws, as I pass I say, when you hike with dogs you are prepared for these things, we have towels.   On the way down Ben runs with the dog.  Playing.  I say to Morgan he will sleep like the dead tonight.  Who? she asks, Ben or the Dog.  Yep.  Both.

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