The Difference Engine

The Difference Engine

I have had this interest in the Steampunk genre, an interest that is open to any music, literature, film or art.  This is the second steampunk novel I have read the first being Pyncheon’s Against the Day.  I rather liked this book at least the first 4/5ths of it.  I don’t really get the little vignettes at the back though and I scanned them and found them of little interest.  Maybe it is me, but the characters do not drive the story with this book.  Oddly there were so many characters in the Pyncheon novel that I nearly got lost a half dozen times, but I steadfastly trudged on.  Don’t misunderstand, and I will admit I am feeling snarky after a “relaxing” yoga class in which I wanted to burn some calories off but I was denied said pleasure; I liked this book.  I just wanted the characters to be more…I don’t know linked somehow. I hated the way Mallory just kind of floats away in the book, to be replaced by the vignettes. How Sybil is just kind of stuffed into a Parisian cafe and left to linger without resolution until she acts like a total nutcase in one of the vignettes.  And I hate the way Frasier just kind of loses his well you know….stones…after the great Stink ends.  The thing is that I am tied to these characters and I wanted something to happen to them, so isn’t that alone a reason to like the book?

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