The Power of God

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The morning was brisk and cool but I was sleepy and didn’t feel like heading out so early.  As I drive my daughter to school I notice that the leaves are starting to change.  I decide to read another chapter of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance out back with her as she does her homework.  Wow it is really hot out here.  I go to the high school where my friend Joe has been hired to teach Photography and 3-D art.  I can see his tension.  He is quiet actually for once, reserved.  I look at his wife bug eyed, he is really stressed I say, I have never seen him this way.  We all go out for pizza.  It is mid afternoon but I really want to hike so I get the dog.  On my way to the park I see a dump truck.  It is rusty as all get out, and moving slowly up the steep hill.  I take out my camera and snap a picture.  If that represents the power of God we are in some seriously deep trouble.  At the park I look back and see the sunlight at the top of a small rocky rise.  I think this is more like God how I see it anyway.

There is a small chipmunk on the path and he slowly lopes off as we come around the corner.  I walk on but notice the dog is not with me.  I am calling him thinking he is pestering the chipmunk.  Come NOW! I command but he isn’t coming.  SANCH! Come Now!  Nope.  Huh that’s weird.  I back track and find him stuck with his hind legs down inside one of the cracks.  With two hands I take his neck by the scruff and give him a very slight tug and he pulls himself out.  If he had to he would have done it on his own the big baby.  I pat him and give him the dog version of the hug.  Pull him against my knees and pat him.  He won’t look at me.

On the path headed back to the parking lot, there is a patch of puffballs.  They are pretty small the biggest maybe tennis ball sized.  I remember the one I saw when my daughter was little. It was about the size of a basketball.  I went home and told my neighbor.  He made cajun puffball.  It was the texture of soft tofu.  I didn’t really like it, but I would eat it if I was hungry enough.

I am hot and sweaty.  But I feel great.  I feel really great.


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