A good reading chair.

I have come to the conclusion that the one thing missing in my house is a really good chair dedicated to reading. I would prefer the chair is not next to a drafty window (winter in NY drafty=bad), but next to a window, due to my preference for natural light and my love of the outdoors.  It cannot be in the family room which is the one room in the house with a TV, it is too much of a bug zapper draws me in like a moth to light and traps me.  It cannot be in the office because the computer has the same effect on me.  I could put one in the living room but for some strange reason that is one room that lacks a certain coziness.  I don’t know what it is about the room but it only invites company in small groups.  When people come over it pulls them in, it is perfect for that.  But it feels to big for just one.  I suppose the perfect room is my bedroom, which is where I do most of my reading.  I use the bed now but unfortunately the bed in the afternoon is like a nap magnet.  I start to read and pretty soon I am asleep.  At night I start to read and pretty soon I am asleep.  I think the perfect place though is by the window in the living room, the problem is that is where the fold out couch is, and it is so big there isn’t really anywhere else to put it I could sit on the couch but it is one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture on the planet, I suspect a bed of nails would be better.  Maybe I need a new house.  One built around a reading chair.  Then I start to think, maybe it needs two reading chairs with a light in between, a woodstove to help with the draft, and a window looking out onto the world.  Not onto the street or the neighbors salmon pink house, but out onto a meadow and a stand of trees, a valley with water, the blue sky or the night sky with the moon rising.


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