Holsum bread

This was delivered to my door by a kind neighbor who from time to time gets large shipments of various items which he offers to his neighbors.  Steaks, windows, and this wholesome bread.  Texas toast.  100% white flour, water and high fructose corn syrup, after that yeast and salt.  My daughter actually was the one who accepted this gift.  I am going to take it over to her boyfriends house later.  I wouldn’t eat this stuff unless I was starving.  I could, I expect hold onto it until then without any worries that it might mold, but I think I will not.  When I eat bread, which isn’t often, I eat whole grain bread, I pay extra for the kind without HFCS, or I get fresh baked at the local bakery, or from time to time I make my own.  This bread has the consistency of fiber fill crossed with marshmallows.  Squishy.  I suspect if you balled up a slice you could play a decent game of hackey sack too.  I regard the loaf on my counter with disdain.  Is it food or is it filler.  It is filler I say to the dog, just nothing but filler.  Then I notice the name, HOLSUM bread?  HOLSUM as in wholesome.  A giant laugh bursts out of me.  A rose by any other name….


8 comments on “MMM HOLSUM bread

  1. Does this stuff ‘burn’, Meg? LOL–couldn’t resist. Sorry.
    BREAD–the bane of my existence at times. I could manage the barley –a mild allergen for me–but the soy and the high fructose corn syrup and the other garbage is way too much to digest.
    Last week I discovered some sweet potato bread made from scratch by some ladies in Weston, Missouri. It is sooo good all by itself.

    • I wonder if it will burn, its pretty gross. I try to avoid the HFCS it seems to send my body into some kind of feeding frenzy, it is insidious though, in everything. Thank goodness I am not allergic to soy, i cannot drink milk or cream or eat yogurt, this dairy issue gets worse with age and cheese is also starting to bother me, soy is my replacement. I love bread, i love it toasted with cinnamon sugar, i love it dipped in extra virgin olive oil, with jelly, and with peanut butter, I also love pasta. Yes indeed it is a bittersweet relationship, my mouth and tummy say yes, my hips and thighs echo NOOOOOO!

      • I think the HFCS is supposed to make us eat like crazy. One of the reasons it’s bad stuff.
        Now Soy is a problem for me. Definintely a no-go even though I like the taste of soy milk. Discovered it totally messed with my moon cycle. Not fun. Two months after I stopped consuming it, things returned to normal. At the time soy milk was the only thing I’d changed/added to my diet so it was pretty clear as a culprit.
        I’m not consuming much of dairy latel. Some ‘natural’ vanilla yogurt and real butter–but not much else. Cooking all with olive oil–wonderful stuff but somethings need real butter for the taste to be right.
        Oh food–what a topic!!!!LOL.
        I’ve been able to buy local peaches, honey, and veggies all summer. My latest breakfast favorite is new potatoes cooked in olive oil with candied red onions, banana peppers, a touch of HOT red peppers —with fresh peaches on the side.
        Yeah,payback for those blueberry pannycakes. LOL.

      • Soy makes sense it has alot of natural plant estrogens. Your breakfast sounds soooooo good. MMM! I agree I use butter, maybe the small quantity is why it hasnt bothered my digestive system yet. crossing fingers. please not the butter, please! 🙂 food is so great. and when i say food i mean food, not filler. Fresh, local, wholesome (but please not HOLSUM!) and ethnic foods too. Thai, mm, Indian, mm, Ethiopian, mm, middle eastern, mm, greek, mm, polish mm, okay thanks Eva now i will go to bed hungry, i hope i dont eat my pillow mistaking it for that bread!

    • I ate those sweet potatoes for breakfast. OH yum! LOL.
      Oh did you catch that the HFCS people are trying to get re-labeld as “corn sugar” to evade the information efforts about the connection between HFCS and obesity in the USA? Ha–call it what they want, it’s still the same evil substance.

      • Yes I did see that about the HFCS….a rose by any other name…. I will not eat either corn sugar or HFCS I hope they don’t get permission to just not mention it. Beasts!

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