Some Photos from trip to Adirondacks

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The skies were cloudy, which was a mirror of my soul as I headed out, the first hour of the drive up to the Adirondacks was made with good time, but the changing leaves slowed me down considerably on the remaining drive.  It was like driving through the season, muted and rare color at home, increasingly intense color and more trees in full fall foliage as I drove further and further north.  I wanted to take pictures so I stopped in Nobleboro at the joining of West Canada Creek and The Black River.  My grandfather was a lumberman and one of my uncles was born in the woods up beyond the unusable bridge leading back into the wilderness.  I drove a few miles back in to that broken bridge just for old times sake.  When the bridge was open many years ago we would picnic and camp at Haskell’s Rift.  A small waterfall in a very cold river with potholes and whirlpools and rapids and deep deep pools.

The Great Sacandaga River was also beautiful and the dog and I stopped to look at the rocks and the trees in the river.  He sniffed in the sand and the wild plants while I took photos.  By the time I got to my friends house the sun was shining in an intensely blue sky, and my mood too had brightened considerably.  Her warm hospitality, her bright and inquisitive children, her happy dogs and her comfortable home always making me feel welcome and at ease.  The excellent wine helps too.


3 comments on “Some Photos from trip to Adirondacks

    • I love trees. Eva your post today is so great, speaking of trees, I think about many of the same things you said all the time. I sometimes say people are a virus on the earth. I also say that at the rate we are going the only place left for the animals will be golf courses, cemeteries and parks, and even then we shoot the foxes, deer and bears that are a “nuisance”. Hello! WHO is the nuisance?

      • Yes, we’re in agreement. Been trying to write that post for quite some time–just wasn’t coming out right–until I paired it with the trees–then things clicked. Feel as if I’ve unblocked something for myself with most recent posts–including the poem about Margaret Hassan. Her death has disturbed me for years. Am hoping this recent venting via blogwriting will get some very serious writing flowing offline.
        Glad you liked the post enough to comment. You might be interested to visit the blogs of the other two newcomers–one is rewilding 16 acres in Wales and the other does enviromental art. AND I think you might artistatexitO’s riverblog too–if you haven’t already ventured there. Mentioning these because of your nature connection. It helps to connect with like valuing others. Some times that’s easier said than done. Wow, I sure yapped on and on here. LOL. Hi!

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