Sign Posts on a Dangerous Path

There was an accident on a short scenic parkway in our fair town.  Sadly there were fatalities.  I drive that way on Tuesdays to get to a creative writing class that I am taking.  The thing about this highway is that has a very low railroad bridge crossing over it, at 10′ 9″ it is a hazard to tractor trailers, buses and other high vehicles.  The accident took place when a double deck bus, a “megabus” hit the railroad bridge.  As I drove over this parkway I counted the number of signs on the entrance ramp and all along the short stretch of road leading up to the railroad bridge.  Altogether I counted 12 signs, including several alongside the road, large, and small, two stretching over the road, two with flashing yellow lights.  And at the bridge itself a very large fluorescent orange stripe runs the entire length of the bottom edge of the bridge.  It is not a thin stripe it is large, bright and thick.  And posted there is a big sign that says again the height of the bridge.  Despite these numerous signs there are many accidents here and as I stated above most recently fatalities, yes plural.

Although this tragedy is not to be taken lightly, nor am I intending to demean either the driver or the passengers of this horrible accident, while I was driving over the route and counting signs, I was thinking about the situation our environment is in.  I realized that somewhere along the line the driver was not paying attention to the signs, not reading the signs, not aware perhaps of the height of his own vehicle, just missing it all.  And let me tell you it is hard to miss.  But then I thought about Global Climate Change, and how it seems like there are a pile of people out there who keep saying, despite the tremendous signage, that it is all a construct of selfish evil scientists and the liberal media.  Those are the people I guess who are going to hit the railroad bridge of the Earth not renewing itself with a crashing slam, only to note that indeed there may have been fatalities.

I think it is high time to heed the signs, no more looking into doing a study to figure out how or what or why, just hello, stop driving your damn bus into the crushing reality.  We are destroying the Earth as we know it, and um we live here, and um, we might not want to make it uninhabitable.  Like Pascal and his ideas about Jesus, (he said something like even if I don’t actually believe Jesus is the Son of God or Jesus is Lord or whatever it is that Christians believe,  the consequences of not believing Jesus and then getting to the end of life and discovering oh crap there is a Jesus and if I don’t believe I will go to hell)  we might want to act like Global Climate Change is real even if we don’t believe it. So I say let’s act like it is happening, and if we get there with all our best efforts to pretend it isn’t there, just the same as if we actually pretend it is there, then if we get to the big orange stripe and we actually don’t slam into the disaster we will have made our home a nicer place to live.

So how about it you sand loving ostriches.  Can we just pretend for a few decades that humans DO have the power to alter the climate of our planet… JUST IN CASE?


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