Dear Prince of Pluto, It is I Princess of the Sun

I want to wrap my arms around your unsaddled slender body
throw myself wild upon you,
as we fly across the vast serene waters.

I want to put on my skates and dance in delicate circles,
lazy upon your shallow surface
my laughter billowing in a white cloud across the stillness of the icy sky
pink lilies blooming on my wholesome cheeks.

Where my molten hand and bare feet linger I shall leave the footsteps of dragons.
Take me there to your translucent lake,
let me float in the mirrored glass of your liquid eyes.
As the wind tosses my golden shimmering light,
my warm arms outstretched across your powerful wing.

You toss your unbridled head,
Wild with the joy of your flight
You sing out across the sky.
Whose sunlight is it that you bask in?

Does my dragon song echo in the cold valleys of your heart?
This beating pulsing sun of my rememberance.

Or am I as silent as an astronaut adrift in a field of stars

I wait upon this distant shore.
A lifetime I have waited.
Come fly with me.


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