Yoga with children

I have been teaching at an afterschool program since the middle of October.  I have a group of first grade students.  I decided not to teach art because I do it all day and wanted to do something different that the children might not otherwise be exposed to.  So I am teaching yoga.  At first it was a little crazy trying to teach yoga to first graders.  But they are starting to settle into it and it is becoming very very cool.  At the beginning I had maybe two or three kids that appeared to be “into it” and now I have only a couple that are not that into it.  I have them sitting lotion (lotus) and seiza at the beginning, today I asked them what scared them, and we went around and each told.  They were scared of the dark, of their toys breaking, of being alone, of getting in trouble and then one asked why are we telling you what scares us.  I said funny you should ask and had them pretend they were scared what was their body doing they were thumping their chests, rocking, shaking and breathing heavily.  I had already taught them how to find their quiet place in the hara.  I said to them, now that you are scared find your quiet place and breathe, notice your body.  They got so quiet, it was really really wonderful.  They all love downward dog and corpse pose, two weeks ago they were rolling around on the floor, now they lay so quietly on the floor.  The little Nepali girl that is there in the class was not very interested at first, but now today she turned to me and said in her adorable cute little voice, “Misses, this is very good exercise!”  And whenever I put my hands in front of my chest she says “oh that is namaste!”.  I am really enjoying it, now if only I can get those two children to just give it a chance!!

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