Some wonderful books

I have been reading quite a lot lately, long lazy days spend huddled under the covers with my birthday Nook and a couple of library books.   I haven’t even watched the streaming back log of Torchwood that awaits me on Netflix, actually I turned on my TV just long enough to catch the weather a couple times this week and other than that I haven’t watched it at all in a few weeks.  One of the books, well actually two are Firethorn and Wildfire by Sarah Micklem.  The stories are about a very passionate woman who lives in a fantasy world that seems medieval in nature but is also clearly fictional.  It has distinctive and descriptive cultures.  The first book has its own culture of male dominated war loving with castes but with the boundaries a bit blurry for the people, the second book drops you into a caste like society of untouchables through to royalty.  I loved the first story and the second, although in the second I found myself suspending my disbelief a bit, I hated where the author placed the main character and I felt myself losing respect for her.  But on the same level I am deeply troubled about what her choices will do to her in the upcoming third novel (which it appears I may have to wait up to five years for)  Curse you Ms. Micklem for making me wait too long! 

Wildfire by Sarah Micklem

The other books I have been reading, or more accurately devouring are the The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  These are in my favorite subgenre of post apocalyptic Earth.  Who knows why I love this genre so much?  I just do.  The books are geared towards older teens which I am finding makes really good reading, not that I would forego my other love of good literature, but I cannot devour a Pyncheon book in three days as I am able to these books.  I still have the third in the Trilogy Mockingjay to read but my strained eyes and headache from reading for several hours last night and waking up early and reading before falling back asleep and then reading before I had even gotten up to go to the bathroom again this morning…ah yes you see, good book!  I love that feeling that you cannot put a book down.  Alas the carpet of maple and sycamore leaves and the whining dog tear me from the third book, but just for a day!

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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