Accept that there is suffering in life.

We are selfish creatures really, we humans.  We seek to be happy, to be content, to have everything going so smoothly.  When it looks a little rough we throw in the towel and walk away, or we get caught up in the relentless drama.  We seek to alter where we are and what we are doing in order to ease discomfort and when we feel discomfort we move away even if it means hurting others.  Or even if it means not actually finding relief.

Your husband just left you?  Take a pill you are depressed.  You are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction?  Its okay you are an addict or an alcoholic, this is who you are and so you must continue drinking your beer until you have seizures and shit blood, a beer drinker is who you are.  Yes.  Or No?  You are annoyed for the moment with your partner of 10 years, yes walk away if it makes you happy.  Feeling horny but your committed partner is no where near by yes go ahead and fuck the first person who smiles at you and speaks a language you understand.  Insatiable?  Really?

Finding satiety in whatever is close at hand is okay.  It soothes it eases it makes you feel better, happier.

This is our culture.

All life has suffering in it.  Strength is built on working through the suffering, weakness lies in walking away, in hiding and numbing the pain.

This is not the better side of being human.



Sit with your discomfort.

Treat others with compassion.


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