And now for something completely different

A sketch. or two.  Both Zombies.  I have been feeling so dark these days, but dark creatively.  Generally I make art that is beautiful with bright colors and even my doodles (free form black ink drawings) have leaves and cats and leaping things and flowers and swirling little lovely shapes, but not so this week.  I also have two zombie dolls in the making.  I also have two really great ideas for altered book projects.  It is good to feel this deep creativity, I find it somehow disturbing but I accept that darkness.  It feels okay.

Wretched - Drawing in Black Pen and Ink

Accursed - Black Ink Drawing



5 comments on “And now for something completely different

  1. four. made four zombies in four days…i have many others that are not dark a phoenix a dragon a half woman, with tree branch head and arms and the skull of a stag…..been “doodling” since college….ah 24 years ago.

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