I dream of an Alaskan winter

I dream I am in Alaska.  I am working side by side with a Native woman.  She and I are preparing for winter, caching food deep in the earth for the cold winter. She tells me it will keep here in a deep pit because it will freeze even though the air is still of relative warmth.  She teaches me how to store the food, how to mark it so that I will find it even when the snow has covered the area.  We move to a cave and we are preparing the area in the cave and near the cave.  She tells me not to store all of my provisions in one place, just in case I cannot make it back to the cave, just in case an animal gets into the food stores.  She has a man.  He comes to join us but she does not want him anymore.  She looks to me for warmth and comfort because he has done nothing for her to prepare, and I have been her helpmate.  We sleep in our animal skins faces close together as our bodies gather heat from a fire.  The man is gruff and crabby, he wants to be doted on.  She says there is too much work to be done.  I stay out of it but value her company.  She and I continue to work side by side.    I wake not sure if I am still asleep or not, I continue to talk to her and she to me as I rest in this place between being awake and asleep.  Soon I realize that I am in my bed at home.  And I am alone but for the dog who sleeps snug against me, and the cat who is purring just at the edge of my hand.  What does this dream mean?


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