Prismacolor Marker Drawings

This are some marker drawings I did some years ago.  At the time I showed them proudly to a friend and he was very negative about them.  It destroyed me.  So I haven’t really even looked at them in years.  The thing is now I look at them and I think what was he thinking they are beautiful.  Okay yeah the marker marks show on a couple of them but jeez.  They are visually stunning.  Eh.  For my friend 47Whitebuffalo.

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5 comments on “Prismacolor Marker Drawings

  1. Thanks Mom,

    Next time you are home you should look through my portfolio it is pretty amazing. I look back and cannot believe the body of work I have. And no one on the planet has seen it.



  2. No one has seen your work?! Oh Meg! These are WONDERFUL–I especially am intrigued by I am a Goddess–wow. Why don’t you ‘show’ them? They have such liveliness and vibrant color. How could anyone not enjoy them?
    Perhaps your ‘friend’ was just a ‘friendly’. Hmm. No matter. Think exhibit, Meg. At least think about it.
    Big Grins.

  3. Thanks, I hung some art back before I did this series in a couple coffee shops. I belonged to a guild for a couple years but I found that they were older people who were dabbling with art upon retirement, but mostly realistic stuff. Monarch butterflies and hummingbirds. Beautiful art but it was not a good fit for me. Then last winter my daughter’s father hung some I did after this at his coffee shop in another town and I actually sold a painting. I have submitted to local contests but they get rejected, mostly this area shows realistic stuff. Photos of sunsets and boat bumpers and drawings of little girls with bows and nature scenes. I have had much better luck selling my handbags and stuffed animals.

    • O yeah, audience/market issue. I hear you. So they need the right venue–audience. Gotta be one somewhere.

      Funny about your art group retirees. I once belonged to a poetry group of that ilk. One problem was that they adored rhyme. Another problem was that they kept ‘dying’. No joke.

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