So I am in the hospital lounge waiting for my daughter and her friend to finish up their visit to a friend who has just had a baby.  I sanitized the heck out of my hands and coughed into a paper towel away from mother and child just long enough to say hello and I don’t want you guys to get sick and headed off to wait out the visit.  There was a Good Housekeeping Magazine  December 2010 on the table and I picked it up to browse through it.  I wish I had written down the title and the issue because it was freaking perfect.  It was an article about “don’t say this…, say that….”

It was great because for two years people have said every single item on the don’t say this side of the list.  The “if life gives you lemons, the you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, the oh would you get over it already? the you make your own sunshine (sorry Will <3), the if you would pray with me you would feel better, the god doesn’t give you anything you cannot handle, all of it.  Right there.  Oh yes I said.  Normally not one to find validation in a supermarket magazine, I found myself lifting my fists into the air and saying I told you so.  I told you.  I didn’t answer myself back which I suppose is proof of my sanity.  (and since I don’t have the thing in front of my I have perhaps erroneously put in my own stupid platitudes to make up for the gaps.  If I do find the article I will correct this error)

With a sigh of relief I put the magazine down and smugly put my hands on my belly and rested my eyes until the young women came around the corner complaining about how hungry they were and asking if we could rent The Fourth Kind from the video store.  Here is my mistake because I thought I would be able to find the article on line.  Dammit.

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