Syracuse Peace Counsil Plowshares Craftsfair

The Syracuse Peace Council is having its 40th annual craftsfair.  This show features local artists and crafts people. The Peace counsel works “to replace inequality, hierarchy, domination and powerlessness with mutual respect, personal empowerment, cooperation and a sense of community.”  Although I have shown with them in previous years I was not accepted this year into the juried craft show.  Or at least so I thought until I checked my email today and there was a last minute cancellation and we were next on the list.  Look for Breezy Day Designs this weekend at Nottingham High School in Syracuse.  It will run from 10-5 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday. See you there!!


3 comments on “Syracuse Peace Counsil Plowshares Craftsfair

    • Your pieces are very unique and fun. Glad you had a positive experience and good company too. I’m sorry I don’t have any spirit for the season. Current affairs and writing subjects based on a dark moment in history are a deadly combination. Hence, I’m generally trying to keep my ‘attitude’ in check. Take care!

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