Plowshares and Joy

Wow that was a great weekend.  I have been going non-stop since Thursday afternoon when I got home from work, getting ready for the Plowshares crafts fair.  I was really happy to be doing it though even though I think I poked myself in the fingers til I bled at least a half dozen times.  Our spot was ridiculously tiny.  But we were so very fortunate to be seated next to a wonderful woman, Tomoko who is a Japanese woman who makes beautiful origami cranes and washi (paper) ornaments.  Her art was so elegant and beautiful and she was a lovely person to talk to and be sitting next to for two days.  I was so fortunate to have her move her table over a bit so I had more space and I think I sold at least a couple items extra because she did this.  It was funny too because people would stop to talk to her and would recognize me and then vice verse, we know many of the same people since she too works for the school district.

I made a decent amount of money enough to pay for the space, buy a few small Christmas gifts from local artisans, and buy the gifts from local companies for my sister and brother in law.  I don’t spend alot or go crazy but I do like to try to keep it local or non-corporate as much as possible.   I also made some extra.  I was happy at least with what I made and my friend and co-owner of the company made about half what I did, but she had only made one new item this year.  Her hours long commute is wearing her down.  I love the atmosphere of the show.  I also love that I see so many people that I know there.  It feels like a close community of people and that is what I like best.  I also know that I can count on at least a couple of my friends to show their support even if it is just a hug and commenting positively about a doll or keychain or purse.

The funny thing is that I hadn’t realized how disappointed I was about not getting in until the last minute change.  I tell my students all the time that just because you don’t win a contest doesn’t mean your work isn’t good.  You don’t know why they chose someone else, nor do you know what your place was (runner up or last possible option for any consideration).  This was truly that idea in action.  I was 121 out of 120 winners.  Go figure.  But it really has brightened things up for me.

I woke this morning with a name and literally a visual to make a new doll, I have two others  (identical shape with different fabric) cut out and not sewn together.  I sewed the rooster’s last bits at the show and had a woman buy it and less than five minutes later another woman came back to buy it but it was already gone!  The new doll is very visually striking and caught lots of looks from passersby.  I love having my work acknowledged.


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