The Syracuse airport says 36.2 inches of snow in 4 days.  Only the blizzard of 66 and the blizzard of 93 has dumped more snow in this city in recorded weather.  Which is not to say it is the most ever.  This morning I drove to work, and my job is quite close to the airport.  I only live 8 miles or so from work as the crow flies but they had at least a foot less snow.  I thought I was just imagining it until another teacher who lives in my neighborhood said the same thing.

Lots of snow.

Birds are out of seed and my compost bucket was full so I threw on my snowshoes to tromp across the yard.  My red Buddha has a big white hat on his head.  I think the birds will be really happy to have food in this weather.  More snow is predicted on Sunday.  We were lucky this snow was the soft powdery lake effect off Lake Ontario.  Sunday will be the heavier and wetter Nor’Easter.  (Winter hurricane basically).

I cannot wait to take my snowshoes out to Clark Reservation – maybe on Saturday.

Gotta love living in one of the snowiest cities in the country.


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