And another thing

I just realized that I saw another flock of birds today.  I was helping the ELL teacher with the older more advanced kids, helping a little guy from Burundi with writing I live on X Street, I live in X city, I live in X state, I live in the United States of America.  And one of the kids was sitting and staring out the window open mouthed.  I turned and saw a huge flock of starlings eating the fruit off the tree.  We all sat and watched them for several minutes until they flew away.  No we didn’t stick to our schedule but what a great teachable moment.  (They had been reading and rehearsing a play about a bird that ate too much.)

By Meg Posted in Birds

2 comments on “And another thing

  1. What a wonderful moment. I have a flowering pear just off my patio. The starlings are devouring the fruit from it. My Granddaughter and I love watching them and commenting about how they are talking and carrying on as they dine. A teachable moment for sure.

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