Are you $%^&*(#@ kidding me?

The Pope

I read today in the local newspaper that the pope is now saying that Christians are the most persecuted of all religious groups, and apparently he thinks that they are not free to worship, due to religious intolerance.   Unbelievable.

Here is a history lesson for you Mr. Voice of God.

Ever hear of Charlemagne? Yeah that guy that murdered people for not being willing to convert to Christianity.

Ever hear of the pagans those people, your predecessors murdered in the name of your merciful God. Thousands of them.

And what of the many women who were killed for being witches?  Or the women killed for sins against the church over the centuries.  Oh the men were fine screwing whomever, they still are today.  The woman gets called a whore, the man a stud.  At least we aren’t killing them anymore.  I will give you that.

Have you ever heard of the Crusades?  A time in which Christians went on a 200 year rampage throughout Europe and on their path to Isreal in which they slaughtered innocent people in the name of your God?

Have you heard of the Huguenauts?  A group of people who were driven out of their homes at best and murdered at worst by the Catholics, okay yes they were Christians but guess who was doing the persecuting?  YES Mr. VofG your religious group was doing it.

Have you ever heard of the Inquisition?  A time in which intellectuals were murdered at your religion’s hands for, well, being intellectuals.

Hey ever hear of the word flaming faggot?  Yeah that was the fine and Christian act of murdering people for the biological urge to be gay, rather than following your religion’s ignorant view that humans are only two straight up black and white genders.

Oh okay how about the Native peoples (sorry should I say ignorant savages so that you know whom I am speaking of?)  How many of them were killed with intent?  How many of them were killed via the shaving of their heads, the forbidding of their native tongues and dress?  The tearing away of children from their families, and killed for their disobedience? What of the good Christians who intentionally infected them with small pox?  One of the first recorded instances of biological warfare. What of those people who died in the millions when the Jesuits first set foot on this continent?

How about the holocaust?  How many Jews and gypsies were murdered by in the name of your God?

Hey what about now Mr. VofG  I know this was all years ago, you cannot be held liable.  And besides it wasn’t you.  Right?  How many Native people are now committing suicide as a long term effect of those good Christian policies?  How many gay teens?  How many people suffer at the hands of your ignorant people’s foolishness (pushing their Christian ideals on non-Christians in a way that doesn’t kill but certainly makes their lives harder, and over ridiculous stupid reasons. )  I can tell you that as a non-Christian in a Christian country, I have to be very careful to not voice my religion aloud.  It is a subtle thing, but it exists.  Non-Christian is not viewed very positively.

What of your ridiculous no birth control policy which is a policy which hastens the death of our home, planet Earth through over population.  What can you say for that?

I know that I have barely scratched the surface of what Christianity has done in history to persecute others.  I cannot believe you have the stones to complain.  I will say that religious persecution is awful and should not be happening.  But to say Christians have it worst of all is absolutely ludicrous.

Get the hell over yourself Mr. VofG.  Get over yourself.


By Meg Posted in Rants

7 comments on “Are you $%^&*(#@ kidding me?

  1. Final total was 182. Eva to be honest there are some days when I say “Dear God, please let the righteous be called up so that those of us left behind don’t have to be so tolerant of them. Amen.” 😉

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