Happy Solstice

We have had over 70 inches of snow, and winter has only just begun.  It is an auspicious day, lunar eclipse which of course implies a full moon, and the winter solstice.



2 comments on “Happy Solstice

    • Eva, so it was lake effect snow, which means that the north wind blows over Lake Ontario (or sometimes Lake Michigan and/or Erie) and then picks up moisture from the warm waters (global warming how i love thee let me count the ways) and then the cold wind turns it to snow. It is very localized and usually falls in bands across the region shifting as the wind shifts. This kind of snow is typically light and fluffy. Nor’easter (storm that comes up the east coast also called winter hurricane sometimes) snow is usually very damp and heavy. Okay weather lesson done. It falls as inches which we shovel, but then over the next few days it settles. So even though 70 inches fell (72 i believe is the accurate number for the airport) there is NOT six feet actually on the ground. Yep I shoveled every single day for 4 days. Morning and night. I woke up this am to NO new snow on my car for the first time in about two weeks. We broke a record for most snow in December in recorded time. I suggest ever since the very warm lake waters are a contributing factor.

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