Why do we fear the dark?

Skeleton with Bullet

When we take a man like Jesus Christ, and elevate him to the level of a God we are removing his humanity.  When we take a man like Adolf Hitler and call him evil incarnate we are removing his humanity.  But we humans are capable of both acts of pure light and pure dark,  of acts of the worst and the best of humanity.  To be human is to be in this great spectrum of all shades of darkness and all tones of light.

On December 21st, the shortest day of light of the year we celebrate our families, our friends, the love we have for each other, for it is love that sustains us in the darkest of days.  It is love that lightens the darkness of our souls and nothing more, the year begins again, as the light of the sun shines incrementally more each day, does love wane with the passing of the dark?  Do we love each other less on June 21st?  Why do we not celebrate June 21st in the same way?  A celebration of the separation between us.   My daughter said yesterday that we are all zombies really shambling though life in quest of something we cannot get.  Is it love?  Is it brains?  We say that people are like sheep they just follow along in the slipstream of others, doing what they do until something stronger pulls them along.  Sheep are innocuous really but Zombies not so much, but zombies represent the darkness of humanity, the true darkness people will say is evil, is other, is not us, but it is us.  It just is.  We will act like zombies too, in order to fit in, in order to not be eaten.

And for some the light does not shine with the truth.  Just the simple fact that we have the word reprobate – one condemned by God with no hope of salvation, or predestined to damnation.  God then by this definition throws some into the pit of darkness before they even have a chance to live.  So if there are others in the darkness, who are condemned for no known reason, can those in the darkness not band together and show God that despite our eternal damnation, we will be good people? But now embrace this darkness, for here there is no hope of salvation, and waiting for the lantern here in this darkness is futile.  What is there to fear? The only predator in this darkness, is humans.


One comment on “Why do we fear the dark?

  1. Predators or parasites? Or a plague?
    And yet, there those lights in the darkness that seem to defy everything by their very be-ing.
    What indeed does most of humanity search for?Some way to be other than ‘zombie sheep’?

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