Acts of Congress

Who will vote to impose term limits?  Who will vote for the members of Congress to take a pay cut?  Who will vote for Congress to take a hit in their retirement benefits?  Who will vote for Congress to lose some of their health benefits?    No-one.  We elect and reelect them again and again and again.  Why?  Is it ‘better the hell you know than the one you don’t’? What power do we the people have against them?  Only this the power of the vote.  But I only have power over my own local representatives, and the rest of humanity with its IQ of less than 100 do they even realize what benefits the members of Congress extract from the stones of our labor?  Squeezing blood from our muscles?  They dare to complain about having to work the week of Christmas while the rest of us work right up until Christmas.  And while I am looking at pay cuts and increased medical costs and closing of schools has one member of Congress made any sacrifices in these economic times?  I remain doubtful.  As long as members of Congress have the power to vote for their own benefits and rules and regulations we will remain here helpless fools.  But how do we even change it?  Ask them to vote to actually give power to the people?




4 comments on “Acts of Congress

  1. One possible answer: “We” cease to play what has become their game. If one cannot change a system from within or via dialogue from “outside”–then why engage the system further?
    If no one gave them money. If no one fought THEIR wars. If no one paid “homage” to their actions—they would be left with only each other. There are more of “us” by the numbers.
    Just one possible perspective.
    Somehow your question seems to go right along with Democracy Now!’s focus of the day–What is the role of America in the world today? It’s not a very positive picture.

  2. Eva, many years ago I was standing on the outside ranting, then I decided I could do more from the inside, now I realize the best idea is just to do the best I can do without regard to where I stand in relation to the circle. The old Duck, duck, goose idea, not sitting in the circle, waiting, not sitting in the circle content with not getting the pat on the head, just walking away from the game.

    Thank you for being a connection to others that are not playing anymore.

    • Well, we’ve got to ‘connect’ to each other everywhere. You are not alone.
      Sounds corny but–I seriously think one of the reasons the corporate media doesn’t cover events like the Peace Protest in DC on Dec. 16 is so that like minded folks have difficulty finding other people thinking the same things.

  3. We need a place like FOX news that will lie to get people to believe the rallies are bigger and better….um oh yeah that wouldn’t be ethical.

    JK. 🙂

    Agreed it is difficult to get like minded people (in the grain of intelligent, ethical, considered thought) together on this issues, another problem is that we all tend to be non-conformists…don’t you think?

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