The Crow and the Squirrel

I woke around 630 in the morning first time in several days that I didn’t wake much later.  I obviously had needed to catch up on some sleep.  I am wide awake.  I go downstairs and start a pot of coffee and some oatmeal.  I see that crow on the back lawn.  I feel kind of bad because I found the suet feeder buried in the snow, an obvious attempt at theft from some creature, yesterday I resurrected it and hung it from the shepherds hook, and watching her now, I realize she cannot reach it.  I will have to try and remedy this today.  She is wary of the squirrel who tries to get to the suet but gives up and instead goes to the black oil sunflower seeds in the feeder, hanging upside down to reach them.  I call the crow a her because she is slender looking and graceful, another crow lands beside her, he is bulkier and thicker.  I imagine them as a mated pair.

I watch her taking two steps towards the feeder and then looking up at the squirrel, two steps more, and eventually she is right beneath it and leaning way back with her body away from it, she darts her head forward and takes a peanut, and jumps back again.  Again now she has three peanuts stuffed in her beak and she flies away.  I let the dog out and the squirrel is scared away from the feeder.  I stand now coffee in hand, peeking through the curtains.  The squirrel returns and then so does Ms. Graceful Crow.  Again she heads for the peanuts, this time less wary.  She again flies off and this time I open the back door, I don’t want the squirrel eating all the sunflower seeds.  After a minute the squirrel goes and starts taking peanuts one by one, caching some in the snow under the cedar trees, and going off and caching others someplace else.  I hope the crow is watching to see where he has hidden all the peanuts.

After an hour I look out again and the entire one pound bag of peanuts is completely gone.


5 comments on “The Crow and the Squirrel

  1. I knew a Blue Jay that would do what your squirrel did with those peanuts. Oh yeah. After caching the nuts close by until the feeder was empty then it would return and take them further away.

  2. This afternoon there were no less than 5 squirrels digging around in the snow looking for peanuts and sunflower seeds. Little buggers must be hungry.

  3. I love this post not because it is well written, because it is, but because it is something of life you have shared, here. The idea that you paused, in your day, to watch and be interested and concerned about small creatures warms my soul. I find myself, often, looking out the window and hoping all is well with little visitors to my yard.

  4. Leslie, I love the little critters I get to see and feed, even here in the confines of a mid sized city. I even have a family of woodchucks under my shed!

    I recently read an article in Smithsonian that said something about people playing God by helping puffins return to the Atlantic coast. The researcher put it so succinctly – we have been playing devil for over 500 years (all of humanity?) So it is about time we started playing God.

    Not saying I am God but with the loss of their natural habitat, someone has to step in and help.

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