Curio Cabinet1: a new painting

Acrylic Painting - Curio Cabinet 1 by Meg Gregory

I have only done a couple of really lousy paintings in the last three years or so.  I definitely go in fits and starts with my paintings.  I have consistently knitted, and sewed my way through the last six years or so.  And I have blogged almost daily for three years, and now I also am writing some rather decent sci-fi short stories.  One I am going to try and get published, I am pretty sure I will be able to.  It is excellent.

This painting came to me suddenly as the best ideas do.  When I teach my students I often have the little ones start out with a simple black crayon drawing.  This creates a really dramatic visual element and keeps them from putting yellow crayon on white or manila paper, which tends to make the marks invisible.  I also frequently have them outline everything in a dark color which helps to alleviate the monochromatic effect of crayons.  That was in part the inspiration for the black outlining.  Another reason for it, is that it ties in with my doodle style.  And I think this painting strongly suggests a picture of a greater image, as though it were one big giant doodle and then this is just a tiny square of the larger image.

I named it Curio Cabinet, because I wanted to show that what is inside the female figure is like this idea of a curio cabinet, interesting oddities on display.  This one shows a heart bleeding into the gut.  Do not mistake it with the common phrase ‘bleeding heart liberal’, it is not meant to convey this idea at all.  Instead it is this idea that the woman’s heart is completely open.  And yet she is turned away and closing her eyes and has no mouth.  She cannot express what is inside of her with words, she can only show it.  She cannot even stand to look at what is there now, on display for the whole world to see.  And her heart how it bleeds, into her gut, what is in the heart for her is total shit.  And yet there it is pumping blood and shining red.  But on second look it is not a heart at all but just a symbol of a heart and it is outside the ribs not inside.  So is it truly her heart or is there a mystery here?

I added the number 1 because although I have not yet sketched out the other paintings, I have that strong feeling that I get when a series of paintings is forthcoming.


3 comments on “Curio Cabinet1: a new painting

  1. Hm, that is a great idea. Actually I just sketched out a quadryptic which was not what I expected or imagined. Okay. I will go with it and see where it leads.

    • Has it gone anywhere? Yes, I am curious. OH and are you a fan of Frieda Kahlo (sp)? This could be an interesting connection if you are. …

      Btw–oh please do write more of what you have to ‘say’–don’t hold back. I am more than a little ‘in’ to getting some sense of what other people thinking about the questions I posed in the human time bombs post.
      So please feel free to share more of what’s on your mind–IF you are so inclined.


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