More Paintings

Here is the original Curio Cabinet painting which I realized I signed too soon.  The “guts” portion of the painting were too flimsy and lacking in form.  Instead I added a clam like creature to the gut.  I was thinking of the word guts and what it means to have this courage and internal strength, so the clam represents how the grit creates the pearl.  Which is a symbol that helped me to name this blog.  This pearl is the pearl that has been created through the day to day things that add their nascent qualities to life.  I still may add something to the doors of the cabinet but I am not really sure.  Thinking.  (I think showing process in working on art is important too, but this may just be because of my experience with teaching.)

Curio Cabinet 1 by Meg Gregory

This new painting is part of the four that I have sketched out but now only this one is painted and part of a second.  I was struggling a little with maintaining the hand control I wanted. I need to change up my work surface.  My easel doesn’t tilt backwards enough, so I laid it flat on the counter top but I don’t like working that flat either.  Again this struggle with process.  I feel like I need something that is angled at about 75 degrees. I wonder sometimes if my vision (I have a severe astigmatism and am very near sighted)  affects my painting.  I know when I hang chldrens’ art work I sometimes struggle with making it straight. I think the curve of my vision makes me tend to turn up the edges sometimes making the ones on the outside incrementally higher than those  on the inside of the bulletin boards.  I also have this weird thing where if I have an idea in my mind and I try to sketch it out as I “see” it, I am never happy with the results. I have learned quite recently that if I mentally flip the image when I draw it, I find myself more pleased with what the end result is.  I know I am idiosyncratic, thank goodness I am not a zombie sheep.  So this painting is called the gauntlet and the goose.  The the silver filigree on the gauntlet depicts the tree of life and a gate among other natural symbols, flowers and so forth.  The gauntlet is a symbol both of the artists hand, my own, which in many of my paintings is reaching towards “god” and every painting I do is a symbolic gift to that god.  It is also a symbol of the stuggles which have gotten me here.  The goose a symbol of faithfulness, of a kind of fierceness, and the bird always a symbol of spirit in each and every one of my paintings.

Curio Cabinet 2 - The Gauntlet and the Goose

When I look at this painting I find myself really seeing a continuity of painting style.  For example this painting is one I did a few years ago:

Emergence 2

I see a similarity in form and shape.  But the colors and subject have changed.  These Emergence paintings are all symbolically tied to the butterfly emerging from her chrysalis.


7 comments on “More Paintings

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that you are channeling the spiritual through your work, Meg. I have always looked at blues as being about truth and greens about love (a love of nature and the gift of this world). That pleases me because of what you said about the top two paintings. I see red as very primal energy where things begin and evolve and start, so that, too, fits. When I first saw “Curio Cabinet” I remember thinking, “How very creative!” Paint on!
    Oh! Easels? I have a very economical tabletop easel that I can get a 75 degree angle, or near it, with. Check out those in your local art store?

  2. The name “Margaret” means pearl. Have you thought about adding a pearl to the painting. A pearl has grit as its core, as do you. Love ya

  3. !!!!!!!!!! MEG!!!!!!!!!!! You write of your paintings as Emergence Paintings–and today I posted a piece I just completed titled “emergence”—ooooo are we playing in the same creative energy field or what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL. I love it.

  4. I am still not happy with that clam though. Ugh. Eva I saw your drawing and I just literally cried out “Holy Crap that is too funny!” If you turn yours sideways, or mine I guess, I can see some intriguing similarities. I am just amazed at some parallels in our vision at the moment. I did this painting and the others like it oh maybe 5-6 years ago. Odd though that I should post it hours before you posted yours though. Cool Lady. You are.

    • O our timing is very interesting, Meg. I wonder if this will happen again? hmmm….LOL.
      You’re still not satisfied with this painting though–well, perhaps a ‘pearl’ needs to put in an appearance? Or???

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