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Robin in the Winter

I bundle up and head out for a quick walk at the park.  The dog is in his usual high spirits as I stuff my gloves in my jacket pockets and push back the wool lined ear flap knitted wool cap and let it hang by its “dingle dangles” around my neck.  Despite the cold I feel very warm.  My back is still in sorry shape and my only intention is to walk today, I have found that it is better than a massage on that one muscle that is twinging right now.  The kiss of an enemy is fading in my mind although the dream still haunts me, the cold air and the plan to draw out the image that has burned itself behind my eyes seems to help.  I am pretty much astounded by a robin, yes a robin, in the woods.  I thought I saw him there last week but I thought I was completely seeing things.  But he sits and watches me, all fat and fluffed out.  I ask him if he is okay, because I think he should be living someplace warmer he ruffles his feathers and hops off to a higher branch.  I still don’t believe it and plan to go onto the Cornell Ornithology lab site and check to see if there is some other random bird I have never heard of that looks like a robin.  I think to myself as I crunch over the cold dry snow that it must be a sign, the reason being that it is so very much unexpected.  A bird I associate with spring, watching me as I walk over the trails on this cold winter day.

One thought on “Robin in the Winter

  1. I can help on this one, Meg. I noticed Robins in winter last year and looked it up. They stay and hide from the hawks in the thickets. They come out to feed. Probably when the thickets are bare of food for them. I saw my fist robin of this season on Saturday. Hope that helps. The Cornell site will back that up. I believe that is where I went to find out the answer.

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