Nemesis Kiss

This is a drawing and then the subsequent acrylic painting I did to go with the dream I had recently about being unexpectedly kissed and basically told it was a kiss to hold me captive for all eternity by my nemesis.  I know it was a dream but it really shook me this week.  Anyway best solution to deeply emotional things is to quietly paint them into something positive.

Curio Cabinet - Ragdoll or Nemesis Kiss Preliminary Drawing.

Nemesis Kiss - the painting

Please comment I would like to see what people think of the art.


5 comments on “Nemesis Kiss

  1. Initially I thought it was very bizarre, but upon examining it closer, I saw the dancing lady…..I think that is YOU dancing,…. and the bird flying free. I do love the bright jewel tone colors. The figure needs to stand up straight and tall and proud and say f..k you to anyone that tries to hurt it or get in its way.

  2. I love “Mom’s” comment! So Mom-like and I speak that from the heart.
    This is quite a moving piece for me and may not relate to your dream at all because I am going to just share with you my personal observations as I, as the viewer, can only perceive through my “eye” and collected experiences. I tend to always relate to color through the chakra colors. The black circling shapes remind me of a mummy and black reminds me of being absent of truth and I tend to think of it as “weighty”. So the black lines remind me of someone being bond up and trapped. I cannot tell if the figure is being bent backward (facing the right side of the format or the left). I am going to assume it is bent over and facing the left. The red symbolizes, to me, very primal forces weighting the figure down and keeping the figure bent and burdening it furthur (perhaps the nemesis you speak of). The figure is reaching for the truth and trying to move that direction which I see represented as the strong applications of blue (almost blinding truth the way they have been painted). The specks of green floating throughout the blue truth is unconditional love which the figure is trying to move into but it keeps separating and floating by with the acception of some that seems to have attached itself to the outer layer along the figure’s right leg and abdomen. The yellow is so telling and I love that the figure is full of it as this is the color of self and coming into oneself. I love this painting and would gravitate to it and study it if I viewed it in a show. I like the title “Ragdoll”. Oh, almost forgot! The white, the beautiful inclusion of the spirit in hand and mind’s eye.

  3. Leslie the figure is a rag doll held in unseen hands and bent backwards. but much of what you said is pretty accurate. The red that is glowing off the chest and belly represents passion.

    Mom, I think that the rag doll is one aspect of me, the one that surely spent some time in a pretty despairing pit for a year or so, I was sidelined for a while, but I see myself as more holding the doll. Maybe with a pin in my hands. Maybe shaking the doll to tell it to get to the escape hatch screw that a’hole. And to some degree just holding the doll. Knowing that it is a part of me, but not wanting to coddle it cause that is the worst thing to do to it right now. Anyway more to think about.

  4. Meg, I apologize for not not seeing this post sooner.
    Perhaps it’s just as well because I read Mom & Leslie’s comments and agree with both. But I will add that the form of this ragdoll’s submissive, defeaded shape really disturbed me–yes, it caught my attention as an expression of a certain emotional state of deep sadness.
    I’m seeing this colored by having read your post about the interfaith celebration first. Hence I am hoping this does not represent your current state of be-ing. Namaste

  5. You know what it is, you experience a trauma of sorts, in this case a rather unexpected break up, and then you start putting your life A. back together B. rebuilding yourself better C. taking it all one step at a time. Sometimes the walking is on ice and you slide and make no progress. I feel like I have gotten to a place where there are just little blips and echoes that come to me. This dream came as a reminder I think to myself that I am strong, (a being of light and darkness), but there is also a part of me that is afraid that I will have to face that kiss of a person that truly doesn’t have my best interest in mind. That selfishly keeps me from safety and asks me to hold on to hope it has no intention of fulfilling. I feel strong, really really strong but the echo is a reminder to remain attentive.

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