It is beautiful today.  I suspect that someone from any where else in the world would look at me like I have lost my mind.  It is just barely above freezing and the snow is falling in fat flakes there is a breeze that feels cold.   I leave the snow shoes in the car and choose to walk.  I am lost in thought.  I am literally feeling this sense that some inspirational poem is on the verge of being written, that some grand painting is on the verge of being painted, that some great philosophy is on the edge of being realized.  As the sun shines through the scattered clouds, I stop and spinning in a slow lazy circle I watch the sparkling snow falling.  I feel a sense of grace just as my boot lace catches in the unlatched hook of my other boot and I fall flat on my face in the snow.

I cannot get up until I unhook my boots.  I am laughing in the snow.  The dog comes back and looks at me, a little uncertain.  One thing I have noticed about my dog is that when I do something that a human would laugh at he is all serious.  I get up and dust myself off.  He walks ahead, but then doubles back and I see a look of true concern on his face.  In all the hikes we have gone on I am not sure I have ever really taken a dive quite this dramatic.  I have tripped and stumbled, but never a solid flat on my face fall.  He walks behind me for a few paces and then pushing up along my side for a moment stopping and looking up at me, and only after he has decided that indeed I am okay does he bound ahead.

So much for grace.

But still I feel a sense of serenity.


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