Clark Reservation

I have praised the glories of my favorite park so many times I may as well have labeled this blog musings on the meaning of life and visits to Clark.  Big grin.  It is such a solace.  Someone recently asked me when I started going there.  I can answer quite truthfully about one year from the day I learned my husband was leaving me.  I used to go to another park Green Lakes State Park but when my dog contracted Lyme Disease I stopped going there and decided once and for all to get to know this park that is so close to me.

Last year I went to a rally to save the Clark from NY State budget cuts which I learned about from a Facebook page.

I recently hiked an unauthorized trail and mentioned it on the Facebook page operated by one of the big supporters of the park.  So I was invited by the now President of Counil of Park Friends, (I would include the website but apparently it is a dead link) to attend today’s meeting, I had the opportunity to show the route to them both and to learn a little bit about the Hart’s Tongue Fern an endangered species of plant 92% of which are located in these two parks that I have just mentioned.

I feel so very fortunate because I also met another man who is employed part time as a naturalist at the park, he asked about my interests, and it turns out there are opportunities for leading people on nature walks through the park which may include identification of both edible wild plants, wild flowers, and invasive species.  Which is so totally right up my alley.  I know alot of times these things don’t come to pass so I am in reserve of my judgment and excitement.   But maybe just maybe I will have the opportunity to serve on the board.  Woot.  🙂  And maybe even lead some nature hikes.  Double woot.


4 comments on “Clark Reservation

  1. So cool, Meggy……I use to feel about the Quarry like u feel about Clark. I use to love to go tromp around there , just to see what I could see.

    Would be nice if you could lead some walks, do some talks. Will keep fingers crossed. Love ya. Mom

  2. Leading people on nature walks and identifying plants for them sounds wonderful. You never know who you might inspire to become a naturalist!

    The ophthalmology vet thinks my sister’s cat has Lyme disease – it left him blind, but he manages pretty well.

  3. My grandfather inspired me for sure.

    Poor kitty. It turns out you have to use the tick killing poison every month of the year. My dog carries the antibodies still but he is okay. If not a little stiff in the mornings which may be due as much to his old age and fatty tissue lumps on his front shoulders.

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