Winter Photographs

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So simple.  So beautiful.


7 comments on “Winter Photographs

    • Barbara it is hard to see but the snowman has a peace sign on the bottom a heart in the middle and before it started to melt its face was a smile. Peace Love and Happiness. There were two snowmen there. The angel was me. It was fun lying on my back looking at the sky and the trees, but I was wearing cotton and got soaking wet in the wet snow! It was worth it though.

      • Now I see the peace sign and the smile – thanks for pointing them out. I had a feeling you might be an angel! 🙂 It’s fun to play in the snow, although in recent years I’m so tired by the time I get done shoveling the car out that I haven’t played in it in a while. 😦

  1. I have a bit of the devil in me too, don’t think too well of me.

    I decided today that I am done shoveling. I refuse to do it anymore this winter. At least that is what I said with our additional 3-4 inches. You MUST get out and enjoy it, it is the ONLY way to not feel defeated by it. I have learned this vital fact, living in one of the snowiest cities in the US. Big Hugs.

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