Twilight Walk

Invited to join the Board Meeting of the Council of Park Friends at Clark Reservation, I arrived around 5 and brought the dog with me, expecting it to still be light when I left the meeting.  It was just getting dark and I pulled him over a steep snowbank sinking up to my thighs in the plowed hill along the edge of the upper lot.  We have had over 170 inches of snow this year, and the wet heavy 18 or so inches we got over the last two days has hardened in the crisp air and turned to something like snow cement.  I knew it was getting dark and I did not want to be out too long, I also couldn’t tease the dog by being there and not following through on a walk.  He was being an annoying pain in the butt so I finally let him off leash.  I was concerned though because of deer and didn’t want to.  The path through the snow was narrow and the snow deep enough and crunchy enough to be difficult for either of us to walk through much, hopeful that if we did see a deer he would give up the chase quickly.  He rolled in the trench of snow we were walking in.  I had to stop and wait.  The street lights around the park office building were on, but there was still some light in the sky.  I turned taking the shortest possible route down into the dry lake area.  The trees covered what little light there was, the crisp air was cold in my lungs and I was pushing it hard to get done before it got too dark. As I came out of the trail and up into the lower lot I looked up at the  silver bright fingernail of moon in the dusk blue sky.  The trees were black against the backdrop of twilight and the bright white snow.  Back at the house, I let the dog in, leash dragging behind.  He ran into the house then turned around and bounced back to me in the doorway, he smiled clear as day and rested his head on my leg, looking up at me, doggy hug.  You are welcome buddy I said.  We both needed that.


4 comments on “Twilight Walk

  1. That’s an astonishing amount of snow! I love twilight so I enjoyed the images you painted in my mind, a walk at dusk in the snow. The moon has been lovely lately…

  2. Thank you so much 🙂 It has been I believe the 4th snowiest winter on record. The biggest problem has been that it snowed and didn’t thaw. So although it compacted as it does, it is all melting now. And now flooding. And we still get snow throughout March and often into April. One year it snowed on mother’s day. ho boy.

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