Women Stand Tall

This week has been an interesting one, and not all good.  But the over arching theme has been of women and the men that despise them, or is that love them?  I was looking at her photo as I worked on the yearbook for school and I thought how sad she looked.  One day earlier this year she looked so sad that I stopped her and asked if she was okay.  She said it is too much to explain.  She is like a pale wraith as she floats through the hallway.  I watch her.  Her life has been so very difficult, we have all heard the stories.  But it is the story that she isn’t telling that hit the paper much to her mortification this week.  She studied and got her degree a year ago, and then this week she began to take the step to get a divorce.  When she informed him, he took a dive off a bridge, her tragedy unfolding for all to see.   She finally took her stand and then this.  We all are hoping this is her spiritual gateway, her opportunity for this horrible tragedy to open up her life to new things.  It will hurt like hell said the sage but you can choose to let this be an opening, not a closing.  A real chance not an ending.  We cannot understand why we are sent these awful things, but don’t let them keep you hunched over and waiting for an ax to fall.  Woman Stand Tall.

Another friend divorced for many years complains of her ex using the C. explicative on her.  I don’t know the circumstances but I do know this word is making a comeback.  I use it sometimes myself, I at least am creative about it, I say with a wicked grin.  I never used it until almost three years ago.  Divorce makes us so angry, my cousin uses it on his ex too.  Is there an angry word that we can use on men?  One this angry?  I am not so sure.  And why do we use female body parts as an insult?  I happen to like my female body parts.  I no longer allow my friends to say some one is a P word.  I say no, don’t call him that, he is a ball-less eunuch, don’t refer to my perfect body parts in reference to some man’s inability to be a man because I have those parts and I am stronger than most men I know.  Or boys maybe.  But anyway.  Take away his pride and joy but don’t give him mine.

My cousin posted that a real woman has her laundry basket empty, her hair done and make up on, smells good and has a perfect body, and high heels on and blah blah blah.  A real woman has her hair in a messy bun to keep it out of her eyes, is wearing the right shoes for the job, threw on a dash of mascara, moisturizer and lip balm.  Smells like milk, juice, homemade bread, spaghetti sauce cooked all day on the stove, sweat, and whatever flowers are blooming in her garden, along with dead leaves, and fresh air, a real woman swears like hell when she is angry, particularly if her kids are involved, and perfectly well behaved depends on your perspective, sometimes perfectly well behaved means that you are laughing so hard you almost pee your pants, and that kind of unrestrained joy is loud and guess what said the woman who swears when she is angry.  FUCK any one who says different.  I don’t have to think a fancy way of saying it just to please some man who thinks my female body parts are an insult.

By Meg Posted in Rants

6 comments on “Women Stand Tall

  1. I think people use the words that they believe will inflict the most pain by hitting the most insecure part of the person they’re insulting. Their choices of insults reveal a great deal about them and their own issues.

  2. I love your description of what a real woman smells like!

    It’s a shame there is so much misogyny in the world – I wish men and women would cultivate a place of mutuality and respect for each other. Thirty-five years ago my husband and I made a pact to never call each other names and we have kept our promise in spite of many disagreements. (It is possible to work things out without hitting below the belt.) My parents always taught me that respect is just as important as love, perhaps more so.

    • Well, come on, Meg. Not all women are nice people. Just as not all men are nice people. To be frank, I’ve encountered a few women who give the human species a bad rap–men too. But oh yeah, there are women who provide misogny with tons of ammo.

  3. Which of your cousins has that assinine idea of a “real woman”?
    How sad it that’s what he or she thinks is a real woman.
    We all know that a real woman has substance, grit, courage, compassion, anger, will walk thru fire for her kids ….on and on…..and who gives a flying f…
    what she looks like or what she wears????? Those are just external trappings. A real woman is what is inside that body, no matter what it looks like or what it is.

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