Only me.

I am lost somehow for a moment

my thoughts fly away like the albatross high in the sky

I am sailing on a corsair sails snapping

hair whipping behind me in a steady ocean wind

My hand is on my hip skirt hitched sea leg steady

And now I have returned again to this place

I am standing on a rock, solid granite immovable

And the air is still

I rest here with the robin

I am torn like the last pages of a book.

zombie apocalypse?

spoils of war?

what ending would you have written?

Somehow it makes me feel stronger

to imagine a story with my own ending

I paint my words with purpose

Each stroke is sure

My hand is steady

but I find my mind drifting

to star charts and ocean currents

my spirit yearns for adventure

I close my eyes

If you don’t put me first

and you have told me you won’t

Who will?

2 thoughts on “Only me.

  1. One can never blame a parent for putting their child first. But one cannot blame a woman for wanting to be treasured either, particularly when there is treasure to be had, a bounty that only deep and abiding love can unlock. Dude I am so wanting to visit you! This summer? Love you Patricia!

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