Solemnity echoes un sueno (sorry I cannot make a proper enyay)
ancestral spirit un sueno
a hero’s sword un sueno
passing blade to blade
ego to ego
hero to hero
water ripples, as she watches
her face eddies in the old stone well
cast your tear drops wish by wish
cast your knives one by one
in her calloused hand a crystal bird
mockingbird sings from sycamore limb
sparrow flashes and flits
eagle peers with piercing eye
she presses her warm lips on the cool glass beak
mouth to mouth
she releases her hands up and up
for a moment a hummingbird set free
before it crashes like the stones it shatters upon
a lost relic.

3 thoughts on “Bailando

  1. Not on purpose? They are just pouring out of me…like tears of a long dark sorrow, like rain storms, like smoke from a fire….Thank you.

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