What do you treasure?

I want to know what you treasure, this may be somethings that you use or do every single day, or things you rarely do, but whatever it is I want to know.

Some things I treasure:

The sound of birds through an open window, first thing in the morning, summer.

An acoustic guitar, the violin solo, a child singing to themselves.  An I love you from someone you care about.

The rosy cheek feeling from snowshoeing, winter.

The last great big fat blossoms on a magnolia tree (the real ones not the crappy little white magnols (they do not deserve the ia at the end ’cause they just don’t cut it), cherry blossoms, jonquils, spring.

The smell of homemade bread, spaghetti sauce cooked all day, my grandfathers tool shed, my grandfathers garage, lavender, babies, puppies, a cat napping in the sun, a horse, air dried laundry, oil paint, the woods.

The taste of maple syrup on buttermilk pancakes, the gooey brown sugar blueberry and butter combo on pancakes, a good lasagna, my duaghter’s chocolate chip cookies (hands down the best in the world), a good curry, the first cup of coffee and the first bottle of beer, the salt on the rim of a margarita glass.

Bee and Flower Sandalwood soap and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap.


Waking in a tent, and then getting up to start the fire.

Those first quiet moments before anyone else gets up, while camping.

My evening constitutional, no phone, no texts, no talking, just me walking as fast as I can with the dog, in the drizzle, in the heat, in the crisp snow, in the dusk, in the dark.

Clark Reservation.

Sitting in a boat on a completely still pond or lake.

Hiking but not quite getting to the top before turning around.

The way my dog hugs me.

When my daughter says Olive Llama. (translation out of morgalese I love you mama.)

A firm handshake.

Strong females.

Men who love a strong female.

Sitting on the porch in the sun.

A page turner, like up til three because you cannot put it down, and then not even getting out of bed to pee before you pick it up again first thing in the morning.

Seeing my Mom’s face when I pick her up from the airport.

My sister, nough said.

Hugs from my friends, and being told what a treasure I am by them too!

A babbling brook.

Being sick and having my cat lay on me and purr until I feel better.

Wind in pine trees.



Good shoes.

A good skirt. (with long underwear in the winter and once it warms up, without stockings or tights. ie not for the last two months!)




Being barefoot.

Fresh picked berries.

An itchy mosquito bite.




A belly laugh.

the F. word.

Done for now.

What do you treasure?


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